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Antinol Becomes Official Supporter of World Cynosport Rally!

ANTINOL® brings health awareness and support to the rally obedience community.

 & World Cynosport Rally (WCRL) are pleased to announce that Antinol®︎, the powerful joint health pet supplement, will expand its support of canine sport to rally obedience. The company’s partnership with the United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA®︎) will now include USDAA's affiliate WCRL, raising awareness of common mobility issues faced by all dogs, the sport of rally, and offering a way to improve and maintain the quality of life of dogs. 

Antinol is a natural, highly potent extract consisting of a concentrated formula of six marine lipid groups and over 90 essential fatty acids. Antinol’s organic blend is designed to support a dog or cat’s natural inflammatory response and aid in their joint, skin, and cardiovascular function, all the while reducing joint discomfort associated with pet aging and activity. Without the need of a prescription, pet owners can confidently help maintain their aging pet’s health and mobility with Antinol. 

Clinical studies have been published in more than 20 peer-reviewed journals globally highlighting Antinol’s powerful results. It has been a leading joint health super-supplement in over 13 countries and the number one vet-recommended joint supplement in Japan and Thailand. Based on overwhelmingly positive consumer and veterinary feedback around the world, last year Antinol expanded its market across the U.S. through online direct to customer and veterinary-direct sales.

Antinol works to keep happiness in motion by creating long-term pet products that care for animals and environments alike. It is available for customers to purchase directly from their website or through selected veterinary clinics regionally. 

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