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World Cynosport Rally Limited (WCRL) was organized in 2012 to acquire the operations of the Rally Obedience program created and conducted by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. In August 2012, an acquisition agreement was signed by the parties to effect the sale of the operations of the APDT Rally program. The transition of operations was largely completed on February 1, 2013.

World Cynosport Rally Limited (WCRL) is an affiliate of United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA), the world's largest independent authority for the sport of dog agility. Combined, World Cynosport Rally and USDAA represent more than 200 affiliated groups conducting some 1,000 days of events each year throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and Southeast Asia. The organization represents more than 40,000 registered dog owners with more than 250 different breeds of dogs, including mix breeds as a single breed.

The first Rally trials were held in September 2001 in Ellenville, NY. Since then, the number of trials has steadily grown and in 2008, 319 trials were held with 1549 titles earned throughout the US and Canada. By 2018, WCRL has awarded more than 5,000 titles.

In 2017, the framework for the rally program was revitalized by modifying the scoring system to focus more on course performance, with modifications to scoring based upon the principal and secondary elements of an exercise. New exercises were added, but overall, the Rally program remains largely unchanged in its new form. Efforts to expand nationwide and abroad are ongoing, with the addition of clubs in the south Central U.S. and Japan in recent years.

USDAA recognized in its acquisition of the Rally program that obedience is at the root of all dog sports, including dog agility. Rally Obedience is a sport that adds excitement to the world of obedience, which is a key component in public outreach by exhibiting responsible pet ownership by being active with one's dog in a dog-friendly environment. This interaction in dog sports helps to build the trust and bond between handler and dog.

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