Things to Know

Rules & Guidelines
  • Complete Official Rally Rules & Regulations
    Printable Rules & Regulations book. Effective 7/1/2014, Chapter 11 - Judges has been replaced by "Requirements for Judges, Code of Conduct and Remuneration of Judges."

    Effective 6/15/2016, sections of pages 8 - 11 have been replaced by "WCRL Rules of Conduct."

  • Requirements for Judges, Code of Conduct and Remuneration of Judges
    This is a Statement of Policy & Procedures covering the requirements for judges, code of conduct and remuneration of judges. Effective 7/1/2014, this document replaces Chapter 11 - Judges of the Official Rally Rules and Regulations. (Last updated 7/30/2014.)
  • WCRL Rules of Conduct

    The Rules of Conduct describe the roles and responsibilities of WCRL Groups, Judges, and Competitors, and are provided as a framework for handling incidents and infractions. Effective 6/15/2016.

  • Disciplinary Action Guidelines and Incident Report Form
    This document contains Incident Report Forms and a checklist for a Disciplinary Action Hearing. Effective 6/15/2016.
Exercise Signs Forms & Documents for Competitors
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