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April 2017

04/26/17 Using "Dog-Directed" Speech When Training
"Dog-directed" speech was the subject of a recent study looking at a dog's attention to the handler.
04/18/17 Exercises in the New Regulations
See the new exercise signs and exercise descriptions in the new regulations.

March 2017

03/29/17 The Usefulness of Play in Training
A recent study examined the effects of playtime on a dog's training regimen.
03/23/17 Kidney Disease Awareness
Some helpful information on understanding and recognizing kidney disease in dogs.
03/16/17 2016 WCRL Annual Rankings
The 2016 WCRL Annual Rankings have been posted.
03/08/17 Good News for Stopping the Canine Flu
News of two new possible vaccines for preventing canine influenza.
03/01/17 Dogs Love Peanut Butter!
Some important information about a favorite dog treat.

February 2017

02/22/17 What Type of Music Do Dogs Love Best?
A new study looked at different genres of music to find a canine favorite.
02/15/17 Winter Safety Tips from Zuke's
Zuke's resident veterinarian provides tips to keep dogs safe this winter.
02/08/17 Tips for Properly Changing Your Dog's Food
If you're thinking of changing your dog's food, here are some steps to follow.
02/01/17 Environmental and Medical Causes for Pet Obesity
Reviewing some of the major reasons for pet obesity on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

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